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The Overtopping-NeuralNetwork allows you to predict the hydraulic performance of coastal and harbour structures in terms of wave overtopping discharge (q), wave transmission coefficient (Kt) and wave reflection coefficient (Kr).
This Neural Network (NN) is the tool officially adopted by EurOtop (2016,


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This NN tool has been conceived and developed for the assessment of the hydraulic performance of coastal and harbour structures for design purposes. This tool is meant to support scientists, engineers, consultants and researchers in the design of breakwaters, dikes, seawalls, sea embankments, low-crested-structures, and reefs. References to this work can be found on the Disclaimer page.
The use of the NN and the download of the Database is free upon registration.

Why use this NN?

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Easy to use

The NN allows the user to easily calculate trends by providing multiple scenarios that have been saved in an ASCII input file. The required input parameters are described in the Inputs page.

Multiple Predictions

This NN tool delivers nearly instantaneous estimations of the mean overtopping discharge (q), the wave transmission and the wave reflection coefficients (Kt and Kr). The output is accessible from the Results page.

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Wide applicability

This NN was trained against an updated database of nearly 18,000 model-scale tests performed at several institutes. It works for almost every structure configuration. The database can be downloaded from the Download page.


The prediction accuracy of the tool is at least comparable to existing formulae targeted to specific structures. It can therefore be used successfully in the preliminary design phase even in the case of complex geometries, where design formulae are not applicable.

Feedback welcome

We will be grateful for your feedback in order to improve the tool through the interface or through the implementation of new data to re-train the NN. Please use the Contacts page.

Please acknowledge!

When using the tool or the database through this site, you should always mention the url of this web page and the related Main references quoted in the Disclaimer page.