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This ANN tool and this Database are intellectual property of Università di Bologna (Barbara Zanuttigh, Sara Mizar Formentin) and Van der Meer Consulting (Jentsje W. van der Meer). The Authors' contribution was on an equal basis and mostly performed on a voluntary cooperation, with partial support by the THESEUS project (

The use of the ANN Tool and the download of the Database are free of charge. To download the Database, the user has to sign an agreement form available from the Download page.

The use of this Database to build new calculation tools, including new ANN tools or comparable software, is restricted to research purpose only, i.e. the users are not allowed to commercialise whatever kind of software or tool that will be developed using this Database. Derived new software or tools should be made available for free.

When using the Tool or the Database available from this site, you should always mention the url of the web page and the related main references, see the Main References listed below.

The new Database builds on data provided by researchers and laboratories worldwide, also in the framework of the EC funded projects CLASH (, DELOS ( and THESEUS ( These projects are gratefully acknowledged. The previous Database on wave overtopping released by the CLASH project is still freely downloadable at the link:

The results of the Tool depend on the information provided by you. Specific restrictions are imposed on the field of validity of the Tool, see the Manual available at the Download page. The Authors decline any responsibility for the accuracy of the results if such restrictions are not complied with.

The information you provide for the Tool may be stored on the servers of the Università di Bologna and may be deleted after a certain period. Università di Bologna does not accept any obligation to secrecy and/or confidentiality with respect to such information. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and the backup of your data.

Università di Bologna reserves the right to make changes to the software without notification or to remove the Tool from its website after a certain period. The Tool is available for use 24 hours per day, however Università di Bologna does not guarantee an uninterrupted use thereof.

Main References

[1] Formentin S.M., Zanuttigh B. and Van der Meer J.W., 2017. A Neural Network TOOL for predicting wave reflection, overtopping and transmission, Coastal Engineering Journal, 59, No. 2 (2017), 1750006, 31 pp.

[2] Zanuttigh B., Formentin S.M., and Van der Meer J.W., 2016. Prediction of extreme and tolerable wave overtopping discharges through an advanced neural network, Ocean Engineering, 127, 7-22.

[3] EurOtop, 2016. Manual on wave overtopping of sea defences and related Structures. An overtopping manual largely based on European research, but for worldwide application. Second Edition. Authors: J.W. van der Meer, N.W.H. Allsop, T. Bruce, J. DeRouck, A. Kortenhaus, T. Pullen, H. Schüttrumpf, P. Troch and B. Zanuttigh.


This NN tool was developed by the University of Bologna ( in cooperation with Van der Meer Consulting bv ( The Research was mainly voluntairly and was partially supported by the European Commission through FP7.2009-1, Contract 244104 - THESEUS project (Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate), The tool is also part of the second edition of the EurOtop manual (2016,